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Rev. Charles G. Kieffer

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Rev. Joachim Adeyemi

Rev. J.C. Ortiz

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Rev. Paul Peri


Colin F. Campbell

Mark Kriese

Ralph Ulibarri


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Reflections - June 9, 2019

My Brothers and Sisters,

Today we celebrate the fiftieth and final day of the Easter Season as we celebrate the Solemnity of Pentecost.  This day is sometimes referred to as “the birthday of the Church,” for it was on Pentecost that the Holy Spirit – that “power from on high” referred to in last week’s Ascension Gospel – was poured out upon the disciples, to empower them in their mission to continue the work of Jesus’ ministry in the world.

The Holy Spirit – God - the Third Person of the Holy Trinity was not simply “given” to the disciples at Pentecost like some sort of tool to be used in their ministry – rather, the Holy Spirit come to the disciples to dwell within them… in other words, to be the very presence of God with them for all time… dwelling within each of them to guide them, to empower them to be able to live the way of the Gospel and to proclaim that Gospel “to the ends of the earth.”  In other words, the Holy Spirit was not some temporary gift, or a gift that could only be used at particular times but not at other times.  The Holy Spirit was given to the disciples in that upper room to be God’s presence with them always.

Now, I think that there are several points of great significance for us to reflect upon as we celebrate Pentecost 2019. The first is that the outpouring and indwelling of the Holy Spirit was not restricted to those first disciples in that upper room two millennia ago – each of us, as baptized Christians, receive the Holy Spirit first at our baptism, and then at our confirmation, that gift of God’s love for us is reaffirmed and strengthened as the Holy Spirit is called down upon us in this special sacrament. Think of it: God dwells within each one of us who is baptized and confirmed, filling us with the Spirit’s gifts (wisdom, understanding, knowledge, reverence, right judgement, courage and wonder and awe in God’s presence). These gifts of God’s indwelling Holy Spirit are always with us – in all circumstances, places and situations of our lives. Yet God, ever respectful of the gift of our free will that he has endowed all human beings with, never “forces” us to utilize these gifts.  Rather, God gives us the discretion of choosing to call upon the Holy Spirit or a specific gift within us to assist us in our lives – or not. Like any other gifts we are given, we can choose to allow the gift to gather dust – or we can put the gift to good use. It’s up to each one of us to call upon and use the Spirit’s gifts – but the choice to do so remains with each individual, as God will never compromise our free will.

As we celebrate the beginnings of our Church, this Pentecost gift of the Holy Spirit, may we remember that God, the Third Person of the Holy Trinity, dwells within each of us to empower and guide each of us to live fully and joyfully as disciples of the Risen Christ. One more way that we are reminded that God’s love and care for you and me is unfathomable!


God’s peace and blessings,    

Rev Charles G. Kieffer



Many of us have come to know and love Sister Carol Fleming, O.P. who – for some twelve years - has been a parishioner of St. Theresa. Over the years, Carol has served as a valued member of our Parish Pastoral Council, our Liturgy Committee, as a Lector and an advisor in many other capacities. To some, she was known fondly as “the flying nun” – keeping up with her many commitments of service across North America. In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, Sr. Carol was a true servant-leader in our faith community and in her religious community, the Adrian Dominicans. Carol recently relocated to the community’s “headquarters” in Adrian, Michigan.  For those who would like to send her a note or keep in touch, her new address is:

Carol Fleming, O.P.

1269 East Siena Heights Dr.  Apt. 431

Adrian, MI 49221

May the Spirit of God continue to accomplish wonderful things in Sr. Carol’s life and ministry!